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Looking into a career in bail?

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Bail Bond Agents and Bounty Hunters can make a substantial salary in a career that provides something new and exciting everyday. By enrolling in one of our State Approved Courses you get the start you need. Call us today or register online for a future offered course.  

Looking for More? Check out our TASER Courses. Why Taser? Because Taser devices save lives every day and are a valuable tool in bail recovery and even in the office!

Learn the business from real bounty hunters with proven record and true street experience. Knowledge we pass down to you through Bounty Hunting School...

Learn from instructors like Leonard Padilla, known as the Godfather of bail and one of the last true old school bounty hunters. You want to learn bail? Well he's 35+ years of it!

At each class we will have several items you may want to purchase, if we dont have it, you probley wont need it, but if you want it, we can get it! Email or call us to check before training days.

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        Welcome to American Bail Training Center and Fugitive Recovery School and congratulations for taking the first step towards your future career in the Bail Bonds Industry. Here at American Bail Training Center we pursue the highest level of quality education, providing instruction not only to a classroom, but one on one with our students as well. We are APPROVED by the California Department of Insurance as a Bail Education Provider #301208, this is important as some schools out there are not. Take some time to navigate and explore through our site, our courses can be viewed by selecting from the menu above. Thanks again and we look forward to helping you get ahead in your new profession.

Get started TODAY for your future tomorrow!

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California Bail Law

        In order for the bail agent, bail permittee or bail solicitor applicant to be eligible to take the bail agent examination, the applicant must complete not less than 20 hours of classroom education in subjects pertinent to the duties and responsibilities of a bail licensee including, but not limited to, all related laws and regulations, rights of the accused, ethics, and apprehension of bail fugitive (Section 1810.7 (a) of the California Insurance Code (CIC)). In addition, a bail license cannot be issued to any person unless and until the applicant takes and passes a bail license examination (Section 1810.5 of the CIC).                                                                                                                                                          The new bail agent, bail permittee or bail solicitor will be introduced and instructed on the undertakings of bail. Specifically, a bail agent's license, by its terms, permits the licensee to solicit, negotiate and affect undertakings of bail on behalf of any surety insurer while there is in effect an unrevoked notice of appointment of such insurer (Section 1802 of the CIC). A bail permittee’s license, by its terms, permits the licensee to solicit, negotiate, issue and delivers bail bonds (Section 1802.5 of the CIC). A bail solicitor, by its terms, permits the licensee to transact bail on behalf of, and as the employee of, (highlighted commas do not appear in the code 1803 and are not necessary) the holder of the bail licenses while there is in effect an unrevoked appointment of the solicitor by the license holder (Section 1803 of the CIC).

American Bail Training Center

816 H Street, Suite 207

Sacramento, California 95814


California Dept Of Insurance Bail Education Provider # 301208

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